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Stephany & Gustavo’s Engagement Shoot in Manhattan Beach

Stephany and Gustavo are Fresno natives looking to get married here in beautiful Southern California and apparently they love their beaches because the engagement shoot is in Manhattan Beach and they are getting married at The Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa.  I am thrilled to be their wedding and of course their engagement photographer because I could always use a little more sun.

I was very happy when they told me they wanted their engagement session in Manhattan Beach because I hear nice things about it but I never really explored it.  What I heard was right, Manhattan Beach really is a great place to hang out, there are tons of restaurants and shops, and the people here seem friendlier than other local beaches. This place just feels right; maybe my experience here was enhanced because Stephany and Gustavo are just so easy going that it made the shoot more fun than work.  The whole shoot lasted a little over an hour and we covered a lot of ground.  The sun was still too harsh for beach shots so we made our way through the streets in downtown.  Of course, I took this time to get to know them a little better and take some grab shoots of the lovely couple any chance I had.  We came across some nice allies that would have made great shots at sunset, but we only had time for one sunset series.  Thus, we made our way to the beach when the sunset neared and we got our classic beach shots.

Overall, I was very happy with the photos, but as a photographer, I am always walk away thinking “what if”, what if we stayed in the allies for sunset.  Then I look at the sunset photos on the beach and any regret goes away.

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