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San Diego Wedding Season is Here!

Thanks to San Diego’s warmish year-round weather, wedding season is just around the corner. Which means couples are likely in the final stages of booking vendors for their wedding and this is where we photographers usually come in, the middle or the end of the planning. But I will not bore you with the old adage on how flowers dry out, food is eaten and forgotten, but the photos stay forever. I am sure any future bride has heard this sales pitch once or twice while researching photographers. But I will share an experience I recently had with a wonderful newlywed Jessica who planned a picturesque Southern Wedding but was devastated when she finally received her wedding photos.

Jessica tells me that they were a mess, well, long story short, Jessica a hard working wife/waitress/college student that moved to here to be with Ricky, a Marine stationed in San Diego, waited nearly a year to settle in to her new home when she contacted me about shooting a bridal session so she could give her mom a photo to display in her home. After meeting with Jessica, I found it hard to believe that someone could not capture a great image of her, not only was she beautiful but she was full of energy, a wedding photographer’s dream.

I only wish I would have been there for the actual wedding, I always wanted to shoot a wedding at a Southern Plantation, but in all seriousness one can never truly capture the emotion from the real wedding. I am proud to announce that they are thrilled with their photos and Jessica’s mother can now proudly showcase her beautiful daughter (and Ricky) to friends that were unable to attend the wedding.  Here are a few photos from the bridal session.

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