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5 Reasons To Book California Weddings In The Off Season

Bride and groom
"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Wedding season is still months away. But why is that? Especially here in Southern California where the Spring and Fall seasons are so mild. To me getting married in the summer makes the most sense in states like Michigan or New York where temperatures can get below freezing in late Fall or early Spring.

With California being susceptible to blistering heat in the summer, I would encourage more couples to reconsider Fall and Spring for the following reasons.

1. Venues charge much more during peak summer wedding season than they do in the offseason. According to some[1], couples can expect to pay as much as 2.8x more for the same venue when booking in the summer as compared to the off-season months.

2. Gives out of state guests the incentive to leave cold climate states to come and enjoy the beautiful California weather

3. During the peak months when most people are getting married, it is more likely that some guests may have already committed to attending another wedding.

4. A very hot wedding day can put a damper on people’s mood

5. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be wearing a wedding dress during a very hot day, not only will it be exhausting, but it can also affect how people react during the photos.

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